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1969 / International Expos Ltd.

International Expos Ltd. management were the first to launch international inventor shows in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Geneva.

"The New York International Inventors’ Show" became a leading annual event, staged for four years at the New York Coliseum.

Over 10,000 new product patents and inventions were on display and the shows were open to the public, attracting more than 400,000 visitors.

Media coverage spread, making the pages of the New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News and Wall Street Journal. With over 2,900 articles across the USA and abroad in Business Week, Time and Newsweek Magazine, Popular Mechanics and Popular Science, the events became the preferred place for technology exchange. Television coverage included Johnny Carson, Merf Griffin, The Today Show, ABC News, CBS News and NBC News, attracting 32 million viewers.

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These shows launched thousands of inventors, brought a great new exhibition format to reality, achieved blanket media coverage and entertained hundreds of thousands of visitors. 

By converting the publicly attended international inventor shows to trade only, International Expos Ltd. management introduced the International Expos Ltd. international patent licensing trade exhibition formula in 1969 and they rapidly became the largest trade licensing exhibitions in the world.

These exhibitions served as unique marketing and licensing outlets under one roof for the latest new products to reach thousands of companies seeking to acquire or license new technology. International Expos Ltd. shows were held in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Geneva, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

1973 / International Expos Ltd.

The largest trade exhibition, IPR Eventsâ„¢ New York, was held in March 1973 at the New York Hilton where 500 exhibitors representing 20 countries displayed thousands of patented products to over 15,000 attending companies.

Techno Japan was held in November 1973 and captured a lucrative, specialised attendance of companies with spin-off technology from all over the world, seeking to diversify by selling or licensing technology or acquiring new products.

Following the success of Expo Middle East in Beirut in May 1975, face-to-face Expo summits devoted to licensing new technology were held in Latin America (Brazil, Aug 1976), in the Middle East (Amman, 1976; Kuwait, Oct 1976; Cairo, Nov 1976; and Saudi Arabia, Mar 1977), in North Africa (Rabat, Jun 1976) and in Belgium (Brussels, Dec 1976).

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1980 / International Expos Ltd.

IPR Events London Ltd management were founders of the ICE Group, a proven and respected name in China where it was the first to enter and succeed in organising 60 specialised technology trade exhibitions from 1980 to 1988, when it was sold.

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1991 / IPR Events London Ltd

IPR Events London Ltd management founded the ITE Group Plc which became the largest organiser of trade fairs in Russia and Eastern Europe. More than 100 specialised trade shows were organised attracting over 10,000 exhibitors and 2.5 million attendees over the period to 1999 when the company was sold.

ITE Group Plc is now traded on the London Stock Exchange with a market value in excess of £500 million sterling (US$800 million).

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2002 / IPR Events London Ltd

IPR Events London Ltd management were founders of the Expomedia Group Plc, one of Europe’s largest developers of trade fair centres and organisers of specialised trade fairs.

From 2002 through 2008 the Group successfully launched IntiTrade Exhibition Centres in Germany (Cologne), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Poland (Warsaw), Croatia (Zagreb), Serbia (Belgrade) and India (Noida).

It also initiated over 200 Trade Conferences and Seminars per annum. In 2008, the group's operations were continued under new ownership.

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2008 / IPR Events London Ltd

IPR Events London Ltd management are also the founders of the Benisha Group, which is focused on the emerging markets of China, Russia, India and Brazil.

IPR Connections™ launched in December 2011.

To view details of the IPR Events London Ltd management team, see About Us.

2012 / "Pioneering Award for the first time"

Exhibition News introduces "Pioneering Award" for the first time

" For the first time in the history of the awards, we presented theExhibition News Pioneer Award to recognise one individual’s outstanding commitment to growing the exhibition industry. 

This year’s recipient, Roger Shashoua, was honoured for his incredible achievements in expanding the exhibition industry - from his establishment of ITE Group to his current efforts to help organisers protect and sell their brands internationally.

There were 850 of the exhibition community's finest in attendance, highlighting the strong position the Exhibition News Awards now holds in the industry calendar. The night kicked off with a networking drinks reception, followed by a sumptuous three-course dinner and entertainment. "


It was really a pleasure to get to see everyone and participate in our discussions and panel.

Ronald Courtney
Siemens AG, Corporate Intellectual Property

We were delighted to attend the 2014 London IP Summit and have the opportunity to present at the event. Nicely sized event. Great venue!

Andrew James
CEO | ICEBERG Capital Partners

I want to take a moment to thank the management of Summit for making it such a worthwhile experience. I know you spent many months planning the event--and it showed. The workshops were relevant and very helpful. I especially liked your selection of plenary speakers.

Karimullah Adeni
Managing Partner
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